Well, I have finally broken the writer’s block that has kept me stumped the last few months. Hurrah! I cleaned up the piece of plot that apparently nagged at the back of my mind for these last months until I decided to just remove that plot line, and deleted all references to it and re-wrote the last chapter I had written. I have my next chapter outlined and now I just need to sit down and…write. I only have three chapters left of this monster, then I get to go through and do what I love best – EDITING!

In very important other news, my husband’s master’s thesis was just approved, which means he is done with his Masters in Neuroscience! Technically, his Masters in Psychology, since the Institute of Neuroscience is within the Psychology department at the University. In spite of the several challenges that faced him*, he did it! I couldn’t be more proud. You may not be able to tell, but if you listen closely, you may be able to hear me doing the happy dance and squealing with joy. I have my husband back! Woot!

Now, we are preparing for Phase 2 of Nick’s educational plans – med school applications. Groooooooan… I have every confidence that he’ll get in, it’s just such a long and nerve-wracking process.

Well, I think that ends this particular ramble, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

-The Rambler

*including the financial struggle of our family living on my small income, taking care of my mom while she was in hospice, taking care of me and my family when we fell apart after my mom’s death, helping us renovate and sell her home, buying our own home, and the birth of our very first child.

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