First Draft Complete!

As of June 24, 2012, the first draft of my very first novel is complete. In my excitement (okay, in my happy exhaustion), I completely neglected to post on this blog. So here is the announcement:  It’s done!

Starting next week, the editing begins. I will not lie – this will be a long and ugly process. There are many plot points that need complete overhauling. If I were tracking changes, this would be an UGLY redline.

I can’t wait!

-The Rambler

4 thoughts on “First Draft Complete!

  1. Good on ya! I've been working off a redline on draft 2, plus some brand new scenes, moving of chapters, etc., and it's been so much easier than creating it all from scratch! I hope you rock this out real smooth and easy!


  2. Thanks, El! I know I have about three transition chapters I need to add where I cut multiple chapters and failed to smooth the transition. I also need to add a lot of character development in where I cut it in the beginning… But I am looking forward to that! Thanks again. 🙂


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