Long time gone…

Wow, has it really been nearly three months since my last post? Really? Sheesh, I have been completely lax.
Just to catch up everything in a nutshell (so I can spend future posts on more interesting topics), here’s a brief, uninteresting report of what this Rambler has been up to in her long absence (yes, I apologize, I spoke in the third person… I admit I am a dork. Deal with it.):

In my long absence, I can report that I am 20 weeks along with lil’ Critter #2, which two year-old Critter #1 is not too happy about. Critter #1 has taken to ignoring all references to Mommy’s growing belly, and has instead decided the whole world is hers. The chant around my house has become a variant of “My phone! My crayon! My computer! Mine mine mine mine!” I’ll admit, I have a really hard time suppressing laughter at her vehemence over her possession of things. For instance, there’s the teepee she got for Christmas – she keeps trying to push our large mastiff/lab mix out of it, while screaming “My teepee! My teepee! Out, Bash, out!” Vash (not “Bash” as my daughter likes to call him, is named after the Humanoid Typhoon from Trigun), of course, just sits there, not budging, while my two-year-old becomes very miffed. I don’t know if it’s just lack of sleep, but these scenes cheer my up and warm the cockles of my heart.

Also, my hyperemisis gravidarum has wrapped itself up nicely (thank freakin’ God). I no longer wretch when I brush my teeth, accuse people of “smelling like death” if they brew or drink coffee.

Not too much has happened in the writing world for this one. I should have a poem nearing completion sometime in the next week or so, I am still brainstorming/early writing my next project “Shieldmaiden”, and I sent a solicitation to a second agent for Waking Dreams, which was promptly rejected. That means of the nine agents I researched as being vaguely open to not only my genre, subject, accepting new writers, etc, I only have seven more agents to query. Yay? After that, there are four publishing houses I can query. Then, the final resort… SELF-PUBLISHING. And of course, edit, edit, edit. Seems like a bit of a scary, exciting world. But I am game! If the traditional course fails, which I imagine it will. I’m a first time author in a competitive world, with a very tough break-in genre, and, well, in spite of my wishes and hopes that Waking Dreams is an absolute stellar, perfect little diamond in the rough, chances are it’s a rough little piece of coal that could use some pressure to become the gem it could be.

Aside from that, like all of you, I weathered the holidays (only a little worse for wear), and am feeling the holiday “Why the f*&k did I eat all that?” blues.

So, that’s sort of my last three months in a nutshell. I hope everyone out there has been kind to themselves and their loved ones and are gearing up for the New Year!

Love and Peace to you in the New Year! (sorry, channeling a little bit of Vash the Stampede there).

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