The life of med student’s wife

I am a super lucky lady, and tonight, with one hand painted “Princesses Rule!” pink, and the other “Black and Blue”, with a splash of “The other sky”, slopped on, I feel pretty lucky. My would-be-doctor hubby is sporting similarly painted toes, which my daughter told him that if he held very, very still, then he would be turned magically into a princess… I looked at him, expecting him to wriggle and writhe to show he didn’t want to be a princess, but he held very, very still, because my man? He’d be a princess any day for our little girl.

And, I am also thankful for my amazing big sis, my Dark Moon, who let me weigh in super late to the “For this I am Thankful” series, with my belated post, “The Nitty Gritty Life of a Med Student’s Wife”. I’d like to say I’ve handled all the stress that’s been thrown my way with grace and gusto, buuuuuuuuut…. I don’t like to lie. As you can see by the post, I’m pretty tired these days, and I’ll admit – I didn’t proofread as much as I should have, because, well, hell, I’m tired. 😛

White Coat Ceremony – couldn’t be more proud!

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