The Power of Love

An absolutely moving post on the power of love by one of my favorite bloggers, Victo Dolore. It is so hard to be on the brunt end of verbal abuse, but to swallow that hurt and see the wounded individual underneath? That inspires me to no end and fills me with hope. We all need someone to love us, someone to acknowledge our humanity, our hurts, our very being. I am eternally grateful to Victo (and all the other doctors, nurses, social workers, and human beings out there like her), who see the human being under the abuse, and treat them with this kind of love.

They are my heroes.

Behind the White Coat

brightly colored zinnias
When I was in training there was a woman who for many years taught every single resident to come through that program how to treat congestive heart failure.

She was the classic definition of a frequent flyer. She lived alone in a ramshackle motel on the outskirts of town. She had kids but they didn’t like her and never came around. I can’t say that we blamed them. She was mean as hell.

Each time, she would stop taking her meds and her body would swell …legs like giant sausages, lungs frothing, drowning in the excess fluids. You could see on her face that she was suffering and it was hard to understand why she did this to herself time and again.

Just take your frickin’ meds already!

We would admit her, give her IV Lasix, make her pee liters and liters over 3-4 days, and then send her on…

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