Read the World

Steven Faulkner’s article “Read the World” is a very poignant and must-read for any author (or would-be author). It is also a great call to me as a parent, to teach my children to read not only books, but the world around them. To look with wonder at the every-day-things, not just the fantastic things that can only exist on the screen or in the pages of a book. To look at train tracks and see the miracle of the worlds beyond, the rocks that are part of so much more, and the beauty of the mundane.

Without opening those doors and seeing the miracles in front of us, pushing ourselves to have the difficult conversations, traveling and experiencing different cultures, how can we write with depth?

We can’t. Go out. Explore the world. Read, absorb, and feel the grit in your teeth, the wind in your hair, and the sand between your toes.

Also, read Steven Faulkner’s article. 🙂

Source: Read the World

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