In the Quiet

In the quiet of the night
That billowy deep silence
Where the creaks creaking
And the distant horns beeping
Are shadows of sounds
That deepen
The lulling

And in that quiet
Those worries
The headlines scream
Of dead and dying
Of the lost
Who are never found
The refugees
Fleeing death and hate
Into the arms
Of hate and loss
An isolation deep
To be lost and lost
Praying to be found

And in the quiet of the night
When the silence deepens
And a sadness profound
Settles in to stay
I slip into the rooms
Where the little ones are sleeping
Watch their faces
Sweet and dreaming
And see
The world is not all quiet
Not all sadness, rage, and hate
But the breath between
The quiet before we wake
That shuddering noise
Of hope
on wings.



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