The America Yet to Be

I wrote something almost a week ago, just a little Facebook post one evening, and I realized that I keep falling back on this trend of feeling angry about the injustices – and they are injustices – everywhere. Thankfully the thoughtful daily affirmation meme (if that’s what you call it?) reminded me that if we are to survive these times, we have to hold onto our hope, and spread it, as weak as it may be, fan the flame until it burns strong once more. That’s also part of why I wrote the poem yesterday, Hope – My Tattered Flag.

So, I took that little thought and wrote this piece for Progressive Army: The America Yet to Be. I do hope you’ll read it, share it, or even leave a comment here and we can talk about it. We can build this America to be the land Langston Hughes imagined – but we’re not there yet.

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