A Life Cut Short

Another name is said
Another child dead
Oh, Quanice Hayes,
You should have lived
Many thousand more days

Not much is known
But little need be known
You were a teen
Wearing a hoodie
While black
And died
Barely a mile away
From me in my home
Readying my kids for school
And I went on my day
Not knowing
How close
How far
Your light would have shed
If your star
Had been allowed a life, fully lived.


I wrote this poem on February 13th, after reading the news of Quanice’s death at the hands of police here in my city. Whatever happened, I truly believe that our system of policing does not help or support a feeling of peace in communities.

Whatever your thoughts are, please take a moment, and leave a kind word for a grieving family, and if you can, donate to his relief fund. Perhaps we will know the truth soon, but the only truth we know now is that a family lost a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend – a family lost all the things that could have been.


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