My Daughter’s Enemy

My daughter has a friend
who used to be her enemy
She said she hated him
because he always had to be the best
He tripped her to win a race
And made her feel foolish
in front of all her friends,
so she hated him fiercely
(as only 6-year-olds can do).

But at carpet time the other day
He stood up and told the class
“I have something to say –
My father’s in jail”
And now she comes home daily
with stories of the awful things
kids will say or do
just because
this little boy
has a father in jail
and a mother who
works and works and works
to put food on the table.

Today was the first day
she said
“My friend said…”
And I replied in surprise,
“I thought he was your enemy?”
And she said thoughtfully,
“He still wants to be the best at everything
And it can be kinda annoying
but I started playing with him
after the older kids knocked him down…
So, I guess now…
Now he’s my friend.”


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