Writing, Writing, and – I Might be Obsessed – More Writing.

Okay, I think I’ve succumbed to a mild addiction. It started as 5 minutes a day, turned to 15 minutes, and now I may get a little cranky if I don’t get at least an hour of writing every day.


My mornings are still the same – I wake up, roll out of bed, take the four-legged monster on a walk, then sit down to write before anyone else is up. Sometimes, I can sneak in a few minutes while the kids are at “recess.”

Writing has proven to be a great distraction and give me that little bit of something to look forward to every day.

So here we are, day, well, whatever (I mean, who’s really keeping track?) of this daily writing experiment.

Shieldmaiden Screenshot - Chapter 5
Screenshot of where I’ll be picking up tomorrow. 


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