Give Me Weeds

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have been, wish to be, or have mothers in their lives! I miss mine every day, especially on days like today.

I wrote my usual wordy post, but then deleted it (you’re welcome!), in favor of just this – I have had a splendid day. Plus, I’ve only yelled at the kids twice for inane reasons, so… momming win? And my kiddos… They pretended that they had forgotten mother’s day last night, then, this morning, they snuck into the office as I wrote with cards and bracelets they’d made for me, and hand-picked flowers from my backyard. And bonus! They picked the weeds, not mommy’s flowers! But, that was actually perfect, those little cups full of perfect flowers, because it made me feel so much closer to my own mother and her garden of weeds.

Those two wild-haired balls of life have brought me such joy, such goofiness, and such love. I am one lucky mama. 

So here’s a little thought that glimmered in my mind when the kids brought me their beautiful treasures in their beautiful jars/cups.

Give Me Weeds
Give me weeds
picked lovingly
any day or any week
and I will give you my heart,
my loves,
and all its seeds.



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