Six Weeks

Well, it’s been almost six weeks since I finished the first draft of Shieldmaiden! Oh, and had eye surgery.* Six weeks means I can start editing!!! Mwa-ha! I know I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about the project during the “six week-put-it-on-the-back-burner-until-you-can-come-at-it-fresh” period, which I totally did. Total backburner, yep. I didn’t think about or make notes about chapters I realized I needed to edit, or characters that needed to be rounded out, or remember a detail that was inconsistent… Nope. Didn’t even start imagining the color coding I would use to separate chapters while editing. Totally didn’t imagine walking the aisles of the paper store and stroke the multi-colored sticky notes lovingly (which I didn’t do, ‘cuz, you know, COVID).

Nope. Didn’t do any of that. *cough-cough* Okay, we all know I’m lying. I’m also really bad about leaving projects alone for any period of time, apparently. Who knew?**

*Eyes are doing great and I can see without glasses! Pic forthcoming.
**My husband. My husband totally knew.

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