Editing is Brutal Work

Behold! The stacks are beginning to even out!

Edited stack on the left, unedited on the right.

But, whew, some pages are a bloody mess of red ink and entirely re-written passages. Some pages go by without hardly any ink at all, so there’s that!

Time-wise, it’s an ongoing struggle to find time to edit during the work week, but I usually manage Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, so I’m still making headway. Sure, my end goal of finishing the second draft (including transferring edits to the computer) by the end of the year may be a pipe dream, but we’ll see! I’ve promised myself not to rush the project to meet arbitrary, self-imposed deadlines. Slow and steady wins the race (or at least makes for a quality final draft).

As a work colleague says: “Onwards!”

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