Still Alive – And Writing

I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for a status update on my urban fantasy project… Right? It’s okay. You can tell the truth. No, wait, I’d rather you lie to me. Pins and needles, folks!

Ahem. For some reason, I had the harebrained idea that once I had retired from work and switched to homeschooling, a vast swath of time would suddenly appear out of the ether and I would have mountains of time to write….

Clearly, I have since learned the errors of my ways. Being a stay at home AND homeschooling mom is a full time job.

As some may know, I decided to pause my project and start from scratch, reimagining the novel as a series, instead of a standalone urban fantasy. After months of planning, I have nearly mapped out the first book of the series and plotted the general arc of the whole series.

And I am having a blast. I’ve pulled out all my books and articles on old Norse, Norse mythology, and Scandinavian folklore and it’s been quite a joy. I have about 3-4 more chapters to outline before the end and then I can clean up the outline, flesh out some of the details on my running spreadsheet of characters and settings, then…

Then the real fun begins.

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