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The Uses of Patriotism — Discover

“If there’s something contradictory about being a white supremacist and loving America, the people who chanted U-S-A while Donald Trump insulted Muslims and Mexicans haven’t gotten that memo.”

This blog truly needs no introduction. Please read it – and read it all – and let us work to make the America that Langston Hughes, King, and all who are living today need it to be.

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Why Black Lives Matter is Crucial, All Lives Matter is Unnecessary, and White Lives Matter is just Racist

Such a necessary and thoughtful message for all those who once, like me, thought there was nothing wrong with the statement “All Lives Matter.” There isn’t anything intrinsically wrong with it, but this post hit the proverbial nail on the head – it’s an unnecessary statement.

Justin DaMetz

So Black Lives Matter has taken over my newsfeed of Facebook again this week.

11887984_10153326062674667_2877683434983872947_nIt all started with this picture, posted on the page for my employer, United Campus Ministries at TU, after we put a BLM sign out front of our building, and it was subsequently stolen Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. We promptly got another one to put out front.

I shared the picture to my personal Facebook page, and all hell broke lose. Immediately, the All Lives Matter and White Lives Matter crowd jumped all over this. So I posted an article by Leonard Pitts that addressed why All Lives Matter is insensitive and unnecessary.

And that set off a whole other can of worms.

11947493_10207265300571382_6896091287550583937_nSo then, in my great wisdom, I posted this wonderful graphic.

And the whole thing happened over again.

And in the midst of this, I keep seeing patterns of thought from the…

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