Spirit of Christmas

A few days ago, I found myself looking through various Christmas plants, trying to find just the right one to bring to my Mom. For some reason, I couldn’t find one anywhere I went. And while I couldn’t find the right plant or flowers, I knew she probably didn’t care. It was just my mission. To let her know I still think about her. Every day. And how much I wished I could have seen her hold my daughter- just once – before she left us.

So, you can imagine my surprise (and tears) when I opened up my Christmas present from my sweet, sweet husband.

Gramma Christine finally gets to hold her granddaughter.

My husband’s only request to the artist was that the drawing reflect the joy the two would have felt if they had ever met in person. I think he succeeded.  In spirit, I know my mom would have held her exactly like this.

And I am so grateful that a moment like below could happen, a picture I am posting with permission from my amazing sister, Dark Moon (a.k.a. The Monster in Your Closet). It is obviously the inspiration for the above picture. I am just so happy my mom was able to meet at least one of her grandchildren, so each of us could see the joy she would have had in ours.

Even in her last moments, there was so much tenderness. So much light.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I know mine has been amazing.

-The Rambler

10 thoughts on “Spirit of Christmas

  1. I love this picture more every time I see it.

    I described it as “truth” in my post, but there's not a lot of clarity in that. What I meant by it is that, as someone who's not an artist, it's hard for me to envision things that didn't actually happen, even if I know how they would have happened.

    Seeing this picture, it's Mom. It's really Mom. The truth of the joy on both her face and your sweet daughter's is absolute, and real, and hits me in a visceral way every time I see it.

    This is an amazing Christmas gift. I know it was given to you, but it is a joy to my heart, too. An overwhelming joy. And love.

    I love you.


  2. Thank you, sweetheart. I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful man. I went for a walk this morning, and still found myself crying just thinking about this gift. You are so amazing. ❤


  3. Hi there!

    Deborah directed me to this beautiful, beautiful portrait. What an amazing idea and what an amazing husband you have! I lost my mom when I was twenty and had my children at 23 and 26, so she never physically met my girls–I do like to think that at some point their souls have crossed. I'm just blown away by this! 🙂


  4. Dear Sherri:

    Thank you so much for your comment! I think you are right – I am sure your mother and daughters' souls have crossed at some point, if she's not somehow present daily, watching over them and you with pride. I need to get a better frame for this portrait so I can take a picture that does it justice, rather than just a quick snap with my phone. My husband really is amazing. <3

    Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

    -The Rambler


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